3500 Manual TLD Reader

small_3500.jpeg The Harshaw 3500 TLD Reader provides cost-effective measurements of the radiation dose absorbed by individual TLD elements: ribbons (chips), rods, micro-cubes or powders.

The Harshaw 3500 includes a sample drawer for a single element TLD dosimeter, a linear, programmable heating system and  a cooled photo multiplier tube with associated electronics to measure the TL light output. The manually-operated Harshaw 3500 is used in medical physics, health physics, materials research, food irradiation and industrial applications.

Key Features

Planchet heating incorporates welded thermocouple for best temperature reproducibility.
Heating profile includes pre-heat, acquire and anneal cycles.
Heating temperature capability up to 600 °C.
7 decade glowcurve acquisition range.                                                                                                       
Optional neutral density filter to extend the high measurement range. 


Speciflcations for Model 3500 Manual Reader
Radiation Photon, energies >5 keV; Neutron, thermal to 100MeV; Electron/beta, energies >70 keV
Measurement Ranges 10µGy to 1 Gy (1 mrad to 100 rad) linear; 1 Gy to 20 Gy (100 rad to 2000 rad) supralinear
Repeatability for 1 mGy (100 mrad) 137Cs doses, <2% STD DEV of 10 sequential measurements


Download the datasheet   3500 Spec Sheet.pdf