6600 Plus TLD Reader

medium_6600Plus.jpgThe 6600 Plus TLD reader offers controlled, contact-less heating in a versatile, reliable system for mid-range capacity dosimetry. Applications in routine, accident, personal, extremity and environmental dosimetry.

The Harshaw 6600 TLD Reader automatically reads a stack of up to 200, four-element cards at 70 cards per hour, or 240 extremity chipstrates per hour. Additionally, N2 or air provides uniform heating giving better reproducibility.

Dosimeters and algorithms meet international accreditation requirements, including all DOELAP and NVLAP. The chain of custody software tracks and maintains data records for both individual TL cards and DXT-RAD dosimeters. Optional UPS ensures no data loss with power failure.

The Harshaw 6600 TLD Reader is designed for quick learning and ease of operation.

Additional Features:

  • Optional internal Sr-90 reference irradiator
  • Supports calibration procedure for 200 calibration dosimeters in stand-alone mode (printer required)
  • Field-proven reliability established in over 150 installations

Download 6600 Datasheet.pdf

6600 Plus Specifications  

Dose Ranges:

LiF:Mg, Ti:

10µGy to 1Gy, linear within 5%

1Gy to 100Gy, supralinear above 1Gy

LiF:Mg, Cu, P:

1µGy to 20Gy, linear within 5%

20Gy to 100Gy, sublinear above 20Gy

Radiation: Photons, energies >5 keV

Neutrons, from thermal to fast

Betas, energies >70 keV

Linearity: LiF:Mg, Ti; <5%, 10µGy to 1Gy
Repeatability: <2% variation based on one standard deviation for 10 repeated doses measurements of 1 mGy (100 mrad) from 137Cs
Dosimeter Reusability: ≥500 readouts (50 for extremity) with <10% sensitivity change
Batch Uniformity: <30% maximum deviation from the batch mean without application of element correction coefficients
PMTs: Dual
Card Identification: Codabar, interlaced 2 of 5, code 39
Dynamic Range: Seven decades linear, extended high range with optional neutral density filters
Capacity: 200 personnel/environmental, 400 EXTRAD or 800 DXTRAD extremity dosimeters per loading
Throughput: (LiF:Mg, Ti standard heating)

4-element dosimeters, 70/hr.

2-element dosimeters, 120/hr.

EXTRAD dosimeters, 240/hr.

DXTRAD dosimeters, 280/hr.

Stabilities: Based on one standard deviation of 10 consecutive measurements:

Dose, better than 1µGy

Reference light, short-term stability, <0.5%

High voltage, short-term stability, ±0.005%

Warm-up Time: <20 min.
Dark Current: <1µGy 137Cs equivalent dark current
Reference Light: 14C-activated Ca2F:Eu
Heating Method: Linear controlled contactless heating using N2 gas or dry air
Electrical Supply: 100, 200, 220, 240V ±10%, 50/6Hz
Power Consumption: 180VA
Flowrate: Dry prepurified N2 gas or dry air

Idle Mode, 28 L/hr. (1 SCFH)

Maximum, 850 L/hr. (30 SCFH)

Temperature Range: Operating, 0° to 40°C

Storage, -10° to +60°C

Weight: 70kg (154 lb)