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Isocentric Beam Checker I

beam checker I_0.jpg

The Isocentric Beam Checker, IBC I, is used to precisely find the isocentre of any radiation therapy machine. It checks the alignment of side lights or laser beams used for patient set-ups in radiation therapy, conventional tomography, and CT scanning. The IBC I consists of a stainless steel base containing three adjustable rubber-tipped legs and a built-in bubble level. Attached to the base is a translucent screen plate which can be rotated 360 degree in 15 degree steps. Inscribed on the plate are three field sizes; 2 mm x 2 mm, 5 cm x 5 cm and 10 cm x 10 cm. The field sizes are outlined with parallel and diagonal lines. The centre of the field and all corners are provided with tungsten markers to project a sharp image of the field on verification films.



isocentre jig.jpgIsocentric Beam Checker II

The multifunctional Isocentric Beam Checker, IBC II, consists of a large opaque acrylic screen backed by a secondary plate, both supported by two lateral uprights. The screen is inscribed with lines precisely defining corners, edges, and centre of the screen's 2mm x 2mm, 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm, 15cm x 15cm, and 20cm x 20cm fields. Intersecting centre lines are inscribed with short lines spaced 1 cm apart. The screen can rotate about its axis in increments of 45 degree. Tungsten markers of 2 mm diameter are embedded in the centre and corners of the fields. A 10" x 12" ready-pack film can be sandwiched between the two plates. When exposed, the tungsten markers project as sharp image on the film


Isocentric Beam Checker III

beam checker III.jpgThe Isocentric Beam Checker, IBC III, is designed to facilitate routine quality assurance tasks required daily, weekly or monthly on linear accelerators or Teletherapy units. Numerous mechanical parameters can be tested in a very short time due to the simplicity of the set-up.




Isocentric Beam Checker IVbeam checker IV.jpg

The Isocentric Beam Checker, IBC IV, is a QA phantom, manufactured to ISO specifications, for performing Quality assurance checks as recommended by TG-142. The IBC IV can perform monthly checks of MV imaging system and treatment coordinate coincidence, MV scaling, kV Imaging system and treatment coordinate coincidence, kV scaling, and kV positioning / repositioning (shifts). The IBC IV is also a tool to verify that the MV imager’s central pixel is calibrated to the linear accelerator mechanical isocenter.


Perma-Doc Phantom


The PermaDoc Phantom provides the necessary permanent documentation required by the NRC quality assurance tests associated with HDR. The PermaDoc Phantom, with its centimetre scale automatically transferred to the film by fluorescent radiation, readily identifies up to 20 source positions and their stepping accuracy. Two matching 3/8" plexi plates allow for insertion of a 10" x 12" ready-pack V-film. The film is exposed by the HDR source dwell times of one second over a maximum of 20 positions spaced 1 cm apart. The resulting film displays the source images superimposed on the image of the centimetre scale.






PermaDoc GC PhantomPermadoc GC phantom.jpg

The Gafchromic® PermaDoc GC Phantom is designed to check source positioning and stepping accuracy of HDR remote afterloading systems and provides a permanent record. It has a centimetre scale, which is projected onto the Gafchromic® RTQA film by fluorescent radiation, and readily locates, up to 20 source positions. The device consists of two plexi-glass plates stacked on top of each other with five locating pins and four knobs to ensure alignment. Four embedded ball plungers provide a space for easy insertion of the film. A 3 mm diameter groove is provided for the insertion of a straight tandem.


MultiDoc™ Phantom

multidoc phantom.jpg

The MultiDoc™ Phantom provides a method for accurate verification of the source position for every channel using video visualization of the live source. It is straightforward to setup allowing quick and accurate verification of the source position for every channel. Real-time visualization via HDMI as well as a recorded record of the source position is allowed. MultiDoc™ is easy to use and provides a permanent record of source position accuracy, source-step accuracy and source transfer tube length verification - all accomplished quickly and cost-effectively.




Reinstein EZ Cube Phantom

Reinstein EZ Cube Phantom.jpg

Reinstein EZ Cube Phantom is a radiation oncology QA phantom that provides rapid and reproducible ion chamber positioning from 1 cm to 12 cm depth at 0.5 cm intervals. Its unique design allows placement of the ion chamber through a range of depths, without ever having to readjust the phantom position with respect to the central axis or its TSD. This can save substantial amounts of time and reduce misalignment. The Reinstein EZ Cube Phantom is designed to simplify testing of beam output plus energy constancy at three gantry angles: 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree.



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