ACD-4 mk 5 block cutting unit

acd4mk5.pngThe ACD4 mk5 has been designed as a small lightweight table top version - but still able to give up to 380mm X 380mm cutting area.

The unit is constructed to give a simple yet robust mechanism which is easy to maintain.
The software is very easy to install on a local PC and is compatible with 32-bit software package (WinXP / WinVista / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1) with optional Dicom Daemon, DicomRT is supported.

  • Very fast cutting speed
  • Very fast adjustability of Styrofoam block sizes from 380 x 380 mm and lower with full flexibility on selected size.
  • "Plug-and-play" functionality for fast and easy installation.
  • Full accessory package:  Digitizer, Par label Printer, Par Foam and CadFree Alloy.
  • Software contains all user information and guidelines.



The display acts as the user interface to make adjustments to hotwire temperatureacd4mk5disp.png

Features like "run home", "cut home" and "go to front" are now directly available from the display.

The change of temperature, manual movement and other diagnostic tools, that are not needed in daily use are all hidden behind a password to avoid tampering by unauthorized personnel