Bart's Solid Water for Electrons & photons

barts solid water 2.pngThe Bart’s Solid Water was originally developed by David White and has undergone continual improvement with new production facilities now in place at Bart’s Health NHS Trust.

The Bart’s Solid Water mimics the absorption characteristics of water over a wide range of energies. Radiation beam calibration is made simpler when using Solid Water. It is designed to scatter and attenuate radiation in the same way as water and can be easily machined to accommodate custom chambers and detectors.

We also precision machine cavities in slabs of 2.0cm thickness or greater to accommodate most commercially available ion chambers/ detectors.
Bart’s Solid Water is produced under ISO9001 Quality Management and undergoes rigorous QA to check for manufacturing artefacts as part of the inclusive certification of the product.


barts solid water joined_0.png

  • Wide range of sizes and dimensions
  • Mouldable material for custom requests
  • Rigid construction eliminates broken ion chambers
  • Wide range of applications and uses
  • Dedicated Solid Water for Electrons available
  • New proton Solid Water available soon


  • Solid Water allows for calibrations within 1% of the true water dose
  • Useful in relative ionisation calibration, depth dose measurements and absolute calibrations
  • Readily machined for custom sizes
  • Bart’s was the original Solid Water and reference information is available in many scientific publications
  • Electron and Photon Stopping power relative to water of 1.030+/- 0.005 for Photon energies from 100kV to 24MV



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