Bart's Bolus Material


Bart’s Bolus bags offer soft comfortable muscle or water substitute material for use in megavoltage radiotherapy.

bolus bag 2.png

The bags are supplied in standard sized plastic bags and are manufactured from highly elastic film offering the following advantages:

  •  Durable and strong—will withstand extreme pressure without rupture
  •  Totally resilient—flexible properties are retained over prolonged periods of use
  •  Easily cleaned—bags maybe readily washed, wiped etc..
  • ·Gel type  filling—ability to be re-moulded to shape or used in multiple layers.


Bolus bags are made to order and  normally available in around 4 weeks from receipt of order.



Ordering information:
Please contact the Phoenix Dosimetry sales office for a formal quotation,
requesting the number of bags together with the sizes required.

Contact us for a quote                                                   Click here to download the brochure Bart's Bolus.pdf