Chamber Accessories

Phoenix Dosimetry now offer a wide range of accessories for the Farmer Chambers together with spare parts.2571 with buildup_0.jpg

We have a full service capability at our workshop in Sandhurst and are able to both repair and rebuild the chambers at a very reasonable price.

Many older chambers become fragile with extended use including the Shonka Plastic thimbles on the NE-2581.

Why not give your old chambers a new lease of life? Just send them to us and we will send you a no obligation quote for the cost to update them to the latest specification.


Accessories Include:

  • Thimble Repair Kit (Part No: 2542/3A) for the NE- 2571 which includes – 2 Thimbles and 2 Collets cleaned and prepared for use and 2 spanners in a case
  • Thimble Repair Kit (Part No: 2542/3C) for the NE-2581 which includes 2 Shonka Plastic Thimbles cleaned and prepared for use and 2 spanners in a casechamber repair kit.jpeg
  • Waterproof Plastic Sheath for NE-2571 or NE-2581 for use in a Water Phantom
  • Latex Sheath (Part No: 2513B) - length at 1 meter long
  • Brass Build up caps – available in other materials and to user specified sizes
  • Extension Cables
  • Chamber case with protective foam insert
  • Solid water Blocks milled out for the NE-2571/2581
  • Adapter Rods for the NE-2566A Intercomparison Phantom – also available for other chamber types

brass buildup cap.jpegwaterproof sheath.jpeg

Download the brochure here Accessories for NE2571 and NE2581.pdf

Other parts are available upon request