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Phoenix Dosimetry appointed as UK and Irish agent for the QA range from Eckert and Ziegler

Phoenix Dosimetry now offer the range of QA tools from Eckel and Ziegler, the range includes the popular Isocentric Beam Checker IBC II which consists of a large opaque acrylic screen backed by a secondary plate, supported by two lateral uprights. The screen is inscribed with lines precisely defining corners, edges, and centre of the screen's 2cm x 2cm, 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm, 15cm x 15cm, and 20cm x 20cm fields.

Intersecting centre lines are inscribed with short lines spaced 1 cm apart. The screen can rotate about its axis in increments of 45 degree. Tungsten markers of 2 mm diameter are embedded in the centre and corners of the fields. A 10" x 12" ready-pack film can be sandwiched between the two plates. When exposed, the tungsten markers project as sharp image on the film.

Click on this link to see the whole range available from us.




Recent Medical TLD Courses held  Novotel, Reading and at Phoenix Dosimetry Ltd.

joe rotunda.pngWe have recently hosted two TLD training courses in partnership with Rotunda Scientific, the first was aimed at the personnel monitoring TLD user, and the second specifically for the medical use of TLD.

The courses were run by Joe Rotunda and covered all aspects of theory, preparation, calibration and implementation of TLD in both personnel and medical applications.


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                                                               Joe Rotunda

Attendees for the medical day;

Joel Palmer, Southampton General Hospital,

Katherine Lane, Hammersmith Hospital,                 

Honorata Chajecka-Szczygielska, Royal Marsden Hospita,

John Breen, Singleton Hospital,

Anna Subiel, NPL



We now have dates for 2017:

  • Personal Monitoring 6-9th November 2017

  • Medical TLD one day course on Monday 13th November

Please book now to ensure you have a place as spaces are limited – for further details please email