Dosimetry Patch Panels

patch panel front view.jpegCustom made panels to your specification with any combination of connectors commonly used in radiotherapy departments to your specification.

We offer either panels to mount directly to the wall of the control room and treatment room, or mounted in sturdy wall mounted boxes to your size requirement.


We will manufacture the cables to your required lengths and design the panel to mount them on to, giving a neat way to manage the connection of a variety of commonly used devices.

The Panels are made of 3mm Aluminium plate, clear anodised and engraved to your specification. Typically it takes 3 weeks from order to delivery.

Panels are delivered with one end pre mounted and the other end free so it  can be connected after the cables have been run through. All cables are pre terminated and labeled to make assembly easy.

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Download the product brochure Patch Panels.pdf


Typical Connections available

Triaxial high Impedance Signal both TNC and BNC two and three lug connectors
Network RJ45 sockets connected with Cat 6 screened cable
BNC 50 ohm or 75 ohm
RS232 9 way D-type connectors
HDMI For video
8 pin DIN for connecting SUN Nuclear devices
USB USB A to USB A sockets