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Radiotherapy Dosimetry


PEP Phantom

1 D Water Phantom MRI Ready



Farmer 5cm depth Water Phantom


small_NE2566A Pic1_0.jpg

NE2566A Phantom

NPL-2611/NE-2571 Intercomparison Phantom

barts solid water joined_0.png

 Bart's Solid Water

WTe Electrom

WT1 Photon


bolus bag.png

Bart's Bolus

Made to user defined sizes

isocentre jig.jpg         

Eckert and Ziegler

QA Range

medium_2571 with no logo.jpg

NE-2571 & NE2581

Original Farmer Chambers



Secondary Standard

chamber repair kit.jpeg

Chamber Spares

Repair kits /parts for NE2571 / 81

chamber insert.jpeg

Bespoke Detector

made to your requirements

bundle of cables.jpeg

Dosimetry Cables

And patch panels made to order

patch panel front view_0.jpeg

Dosimetry Patch Panels

Made to your design